Keeping you strong…    Keeping you healthy…   Bone Care for the life time…

That has been orthocare’s belief since is inception in 1994 when we began as a small India enterprise and today it is force to reckon with ,in the orthopeadic industry in the Indian & global horizon. This philosophy is imbibed in all our product offerings and forms the basis of every product we produce….

Orthocare at a Glance

Orhtocare a CE certified company with manufacturing practices and facilities the conform to the guidelines of ISO 13485, is in the business of manufacturing of orthopeadic. Implants, producing an array of quality, affordable implants, trusted bye healthcare professionals and patients across geographies, In a very short span of time, besides being a leader in the domestic market, company has a global footprints in 35 countries. The company is focused on increasing the momentum in its respective category of business in the international market at an aggressive pace.

Ortho care produces a comprehensive range of products in the orthopedic segment such as.


Whether it is constantly introducing innovations, the mission is always to make the life of the patient better. Needless to stay, Orthocare has a turnover and growth rate that takes it into the top bracket of Indian orthopedic implants manufacturing companies with a series of products in the respective categories.

Today’s the orthocare brand stands for quality, competitiveness and  accuracy. These values have stood us in good stead to carve a niche image in the industry and build long-term sustainable relationships with our partners.


Unparalleled growth and an obsession to take the company to the forefront of the orthopedic industry in India with a huge presence across the globe.

The mission of orthocare is to create an innovative and sustainable medium for the development of high-impact and affordable ortopeadic implants for the masses and developing countries.


Quality: we shall strive to achieve the highest quality standards that are the hallmark of excellence.
Customer Focus: All our efforts and resources shall be channelized towards meetings and exceeding customer exceptions. Performance focus: We shall have consistent achievement of set business and realize opportunities for accelerating growth.


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